What's in YOUR imagination?

When you imagine your most authentic self, or when you daydream about the woman you are or want to become, how does that manifest for you? What does she look like? Who is that woman that emerges from your vision? Does your mind roam to heroic archetypes and icons? Are you a dancer, a dreamer, a visionary, or a warrior? Perhaps a marvelous combination of all of those things?

We want to offer you a transformative and opulent session experience that enables you to express yourself without limitations or inhibitions. We created a session experience that pushes the boundaries of "traditional" and allows you to fully embrace your Imagination!

We want this session to affect you and also inspire you! We aim to ensure that this experience will be a powerful and positive shift in your already amazing world.

The Imagination Session is a way for many of you to re-imagine yourself. For some, it's a way of reminding yourself what is already inside. Bring it all forward. Let's dive in!

 This is a day that will serve as a beautiful reminder of the power and radiance that you already hold just by being you. The imagination part? That's all within you. And we want to help you bring that side of yourself out to play!

The result can be as elaborate or as stripped down and simple as you would like for it to be. We want to capture you, in all your multi-facets. That is our mission.

We have joined forces with an incredible & creative professional team to help you manifest your wildest dreams! 

With some collaborative planning, and lots of wonderful imagining, we will create art with you and for you. 

So, we ask you. . . 

What's in your imagination? 



Take a deep breath and enter a realm where anything is possible . . .


Your Imagination Session experience begins with a one-on-one meeting* with your photographers to dream, plan, envision and conspire!

Working from the inside out, Tara and Heidi will ignite your creative side in a fun and supportive way, with lots of wonderful questions, and by offering visual imagery to inspire you. This gathering before your session is a magical piece of the journey and an important first step in helping to bring all of the elements of your vision to life.

Not sure what your magnificent visual dream is just yet? Never fear, we will help you discover it!

On The Day
Your session experience will find you in one magnificent dream, one incredible costume, & one beautiful location. It will be a marvelous adventure in playing dress up, self-discovery, self-love, metamorphosis, creation & manifestation.

Beginning with your hair and makeup, our skilled professional artist will create the most exquisite reflection of your dream for you, allowing you to begin your costume metamorphosis. 

The photo session is professionally guided by your photographers with detailed posing suggestions and support to ensure that the art we are creating perfectly matches your vision. 

The session can take a good portion of the day {4-5 hrs}, so please plan your calendar accordingly.

The Result
Aiming to create a breathtaking piece of art for you, your Imagination Session experience will result in a stunning collection of 35 masterfully edited images. 

Your session also includes a set of 5 beautiful 8x10 gift prints of your choice. Additionally, you will receive a set of your images perfect for sharing on your social media pages.

Additional heirloom gifts from your session experience are available from the a'la carte menu.

From guidance with costuming, staging adornments, right down to the perfect location, we will guide you on an exciting adventure in customizing your experience to have you fully prepared and pampered when the big day arrives!

So, whether you choose to pull from your own fantastic wardrobe, a friend's, or shop for it at any of our incredible costume resources, we will ensure that you reflect what's in your Imagination perfectly!

The In Her Imagination Session Experience is: $1550

{3 Part Payment Plans Available}

Exclusive, a'la carte services upon request include:

A one-of-a-kind masterpiece for your head or hair, voluminous billowing fantasy skirts.
Rush services available for those who can't wait and want to see their images sooner!
A masterfully divine video documentary of your day can be added with the help of Swoon Films
Ask for information when booking for more details.

*If you are unable to meet in person due to geographic reasons, we're happy to Skype for your one on one planning meeting!




Please see our FAQ page for important session policies and guidelines prior to booking your Imagination Session Experience with us!